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What can we expect on our tour?

Our tours consist of a two mile trek through the streets of downtown Cincinnati. The tours are roughly two/two and half hours long, and discusses the paranormal occurrences of the most haunted sites in Cincinnati. We strive to provide our guests with detailed accounts of strange paranormal happenings occurring in the Queen City, while also sharing the fascinating history that makes these hauntings possible. Overall, our tours are 60% paranormally driven, and 40% historical!

Do we go inside any real haunted locations?

In an effort to continuously engage our guests, we switch locations on our tours every few years in accordance with which sites are having the most paranormal experiences. In some of these cases, there can be tours in which we do not go inside of buildings. Not all businesses are fond of their paranormal association, and therefore do not allow walkthroughs. However, our team is working to make new connections every day, so we never know what will be coming within the next few months!

Where do we walk?

Our Buried Secrets Tour takes you through the bustling streets of OTR, and around Washington Park! There are several convenient places to park, as well as nearby bars and restaurants to visit after our tour if you aren’t ready for your night to end!

Our Eerie Encounters Tour takes you through Cincinnati’s business district, and around Lytle Park! As one of the oldest areas of the city, this part of Cincinnati is lush with history- a prime location for paranormal occurrences! In the area are Arnold’s Bar, the Taft Theater, and the Taft Museum!

Are the stories scary?

Our guides are quite talented at catering our tours to your specific group’s needs and wants. Due to the historic nature of our tours, most of our stories are more informative than scary, but we can always increase the spook factor if we can tell our guests are wanting more! On the flip side, tours with younger children can be dialed down so that all may enjoy their experience.

Are the tours appropriate for children?

Every child is different, and we at Flying Pig Tours work hard to make sure that everyone enjoys their evening with us! If at any time, we feel that information may not be handled well, we can always tone it down to fit the audience. We do recommend that children be 13 or older, but we won't ever turn anyone away; however, any child under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

What should we wear/bring?

Please wear shoes that you will be comfortable walking in for two miles. It may also be wise to bring a bottle of water or other drink to have with you. We highly recommend bringing a camera or a phone capable of taking pictures. Occasionally in the summer months there can be the annoying presence of mosquitoes, so dress/ prepare accordingly. 

Keep a close eye on the weather the day of your tour! Cincinnati weather can be very unpredictable at times, but we will only cancel in the most extreme circumstances (intense lightning storms). Otherwise, we will proceed rain or shine, so bring an umbrella if you’d like!

Due to nation-wide parameters set in place because of COVID-19, we ask that all guests bring a face mask with them to wear for the duration of the tour, unless a medical condition exempts them from this requirement.

Is gratuity accepted?

Yes, our guides do accept gratuity. It is not included in the price of the tickets. All tips go 100% to our guides, and we thank you for wanting to show our guides a little extra kindness!

Do you do private tours?

Absolutely! We do private tours for all kinds of get togethers! While we tend to keep our groups small for normal tours, a private tour is completely catered to you! Please reach out to our team at for more information!

How many people are on public tours?

A full tour normally consists of 25 people. At Flying Pig Tours, we aim to keep our groups small for a more personable, and in-depth experience. 

Due to nation-wide parameters set in place because of COVID-19, we have limited our tours to 10 people per tour.

What are the chances we'll see a ghost with our own eyes?

Sadly, most paranormal occurrences are not visible to the naked eye. However in many cases, people partaking of our tours have captured unexplainable things with their phones and cameras. Because a majority of our tours consist of walking and telling the paranormal stories of Cincinnati, the greatest chance of having a paranormal experience occurs two thirds into the tour when we allow our guests to use some of our ghost hunting equipment in nearby parks.

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