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What can we expect on our investigation?

That's the thing; you never know what you can expect!  Some nights there will be a significant amount of activity with lots of EVP recordings, footsteps, shadow figures, and sometimes light phenomena.  Other times it'll be a very quiet night with only a little bit of low level, residual energy activity.  Unfortunately, we can't control what type of night it will be.  Our guides know how to carefully stir up activity, but there's no guarantees.

Do I get my money back if nothing happens?

We do not issue refunds in such an event.  As explained above, our guides don't dictate the type of activity we get.  We'll always try our hardest to get something out of the night, but there's no way we can know what type of night it will be until we start our investigation.

Sometimes we believe that if a group before us was very unkind and combative, activity tends to be low for the next group that enters the facility.

What kind of activity do we experience?

It truly depends on the location we're investigating.  Some places are more well known for shadow figures, some places we catch a lot of EVPs, some places we see partial or even full body apparitions, and other places we tend to get a lot of residual activity such as footsteps and phantom noises.  We can't be sure what we'll experience until the night begins, but our guides will always let you know what type of activity you might find at a given location.

Is this too scary for kids?

We don't allow anyone under the age of 16 on our overnights, and some places dictate that we don't allow anyone under 18.  While not all investigations are scary per se, we find that teenagers 16 and older tend to like the investigations more.  Also, because these investigations don't end until 3AM, younger teens and kids would likely struggle to stay awake.

Will I get hurt on a tour?

While it's unlikely, at places such as Old Licking County Jail and the Ohio State Reformatory we have had instances where guests have been scratched or pushed.  That's why we generally recommend those investigations for more experienced paranormal enthusiasts, but we won't stop a first timer from booking these locations.  Keep in mind that we nor the buildings in question can be held liable for injuries that happen on the property.

I don't want to sign the waiver.

All our locations require that you sign a waiver before you can begin an investigation.  If you are not comfortable signing the waivers then we will refund your money, but you will not be allowed to continue the investigation.

These waivers rarely need to be utilized, but they are a precaution that these properties take and we respect their decision to require signatures before the night can begin.

I want to leave early.  Can I get a partial refund?

While you are able to leave early, we do not give partial or full refunds after the investigation has begun.

Do you guys hire people to scare us?

Absolutely not; any activity you experience is completely real.  We don't hire actors, or set up anything that would create false activity.  We can't control what other investigators do; however, and there's always a chance that another investigator in a different section of the building could accidentally be creating noise that we might believe to be paranormal at first glance.

Our overnight guides will always attempt to debunk any evidence we catch.  If we can't recreate the noise or shadow on our own, then we know it's real!  Debunking might seem unimportant or even pointless, but we believe it's better to know that you captured real evidence as opposed to getting the 5th recording of an investigator walking the floor above you.

How many people are on these investigations?

We attempt to keep the number of people on a tour small.  The size varies based on the size of the building.  Our goal is to make sure that we won't have much interference -- as explained above -- so we attempt to make sure the number of people on the investigation will allow us to spread out in the building and stay out of each others way.

I don't want to go alone!

No worries!  Our guides are happy to stick with you.  If you decide later in the night that you would like to go off on your own, feel free!  During some investigations we find that people prefer to stick in one big group; other times people like to break off into small groups or keep within their own group they booked tickets with.  It's your night, you get to decide how you want to spend it!

Do we need to bring our own ghost hunting equipment?

We provide you with some equipment to use during the night.  If you do have your own equipment, feel free to bring it along and use it with ours.  If you don't have any at all then don't worry; we have plenty to share based on group size.

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