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Walking Tour Guide

Cincinnati, OH, USA

Part Time


Flying Pig Tours is a locally owned and operated tour company that was born in Cincinnati. We currently only offer paranormal tours, but will be expanding our tour offerings starting this year. As we expand, we’re looking for dedicated, passionate, and reliable individuals to join our company as walking tour guides! If you have an interest in public speaking, history, and storytelling – this is the job for you!

Please email us your resume and cover letter detailing why you would like to be considered for this position at


Job Details:

  • A full trained guide is paid $20/hr

  • A tour guide in training is paid $10.10/hr. When training is complete they will immediately be switched to full guide pay.

  • The length of the training period is fully at a Senior Tour Guides discretion.

  • Training will begin in February.

  • Tours run at approximately 2 hours with the expectation that the guide will show up 15 minutes early, and stay 15 minutes late to speak with guests who have further questions.

  • Pay does not include tips, which are the guides to keep; however, tips must be split between guides scheduled for the same tour.

  • Qualified candidates must be comfortable with public speaking in loud and distracting situations with groups of up to 15.

  • Must be capable of walking and standing for an approximate 2 mile distance.

  • Applicants must have reliable transportation to get to downtown Cincinnati.

  • Our schedules are flexible as we understand this is not a full time job; however, you must have weekend ability and be able to run a minimum of one tour on either Friday or Saturday.

  • We run two tours a night on Fridays and Saturdays; you’re expected to run at least one tour per weekend (barring previously requested weekends off).

  • No degrees required – a passion for learning is a must!

  • Please submit a resume as well as a cover letter to be considered for the first round of preliminary interviews.

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